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The Future of Belt Alignment Technology is finally here!

The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool System® is the latest innovation in laser belt alignment systems, utilizing our GlowLine™ green laser technology, and it is available in multiple configurations for every application. With our incredible TruView B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool® Systems and Targets, the offset and angularity of the entire sheave face can be easily seen, and precision adjustments made. Only our Laser Belt Alignment Tool offers cross-firing XF green laser configuration, enabling users to check the offset, twist and angularity between both sheaves at the same time! The B.A.T. is fast, intuitive, accurate and easy to use!

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Nov 2019

In some arenas there are perceptions about belt alignment. Opinions such as, close is good enough, you can eye ball it, string works just fine, a straight edge is all you really need still persist. In one case I heard of using an 8 foot fluorescent light bulb, claiming that it is best thing you…

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