Announcement: Belt Alignment Trainer

Mike Olszewski inventor of the B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool® announces release of the BAT-TR-12 Belt Alignment Trainer. Mike O stated that he saw a need to make a trainer that matches the accuracy and quality features of the B.A.T. The motive behind the design is to make it look and act like a real belt driven machine. The trainer is very robust and has horizontal adjusters, vertical adjusters and actual ball bearings. Mike O. stated, “The new trainer is built to last a lifetime, simulates a real machine, simulates a real alignment and makes belt alignment training fast and easy.”

1. 2 Horizontal Adjustment Knobs
2. 4 Vertical Adjustment Knobs
3. 9.5” tall bearing mounting posts
4. Dual spring return slide base
5. 4 Flange roller bearings
6. 2-1” chromed sliding shafts
7. Shaft Brakes
8. 2 different sized pullies
9. Simulates a real belt driven machine
10. Simulates actual field belt alignments
11. Durable Flat Black Anodized finish
12. 4 swivel base feet
13. Lifetime workmanship warranty

Specs Size: Width 8”w x 25”L x 11.5”h
Weight: 42 lbs.