Credibility Issues with Vibration Programs

Credibility issues with vibration analysis and reliability programs:

Unplanned failures and reliability problems with belt driven machinery can still exist even though you are using best practices such as laser alignment, vibration analysis, precision balancing, etc. The root cause of these problems can be misalignment that is misdiagnosed.

Due to inaccuracies of many belt alignment tools and techniques, belts and pulleys are measured to be in good alignment when in fact they are not. Inaccurate belt alignment techniques result in a false positive, the pulleys and belts are assumed to be in alignment, but they are not.

For example, when vibration analysis reveals belt misalignment as the high vibration source, a corrective action of “Check and Correct Belt Alignment” is issued. The inaccurate laser tool falsely shows good alignment. Misalignment is ruled out as the cause of the vibration, so the analyst looks for other causes. When in fact, the “unsolvable vibration problem” is misalignment. The damaging high vibration continues ultimately causing machine reliability issues and failures. This unsolvable vibration scenario results in credibility issues with the reliability and vibration analysis programs.

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