Time is Money: The true cost of belt alignment.

In some arenas there are perceptions about belt alignment. Opinions such as, close is good enough, you can eye ball it, string works just fine, a straight edge is all you really need still persist. In one case I heard of using an 8 foot fluorescent light bulb, claiming that it is best thing you can use, because they are all manufactured to be perfectly straight.

The reality is that when you are changing worn belts, pullies, bearings, motors, bases, shafts, installing a new machine or just re-tensioning belts.  Your time is money, investing resources to perform a job and getting a poor result is a waste of both.

The scenario is the same for any, municipality, hospital, hotel, water treatment facility, scrap processor, laboratory, food or beverage processor, university, paint manufacture, power plant, refinery, steel mill, foundry or in other words, everyplace that has belt driven machinery.   And belt driven machinery requires periodic attention of the drive system and there are costs associated with it.

Credibility Issues with Vibration Programs

Credibility issues with vibration analysis and reliability programs:

Unplanned failures and reliability problems with belt driven machinery can still exist even though you are using best practices such as laser alignment, vibration analysis, precision balancing, etc. The root cause of these problems can be misalignment that is misdiagnosed.

Due to inaccuracies of many belt alignment tools and techniques, belts and pulleys are measured to be in good alignment when in fact they are not. Inaccurate belt alignment techniques result in a false positive, the pulleys and belts are assumed to be in alignment, but they are not.

Announcement: Combo Belt and Shaft Alignment Trainer

Announcing the NEW BAT-TR-12C Combination Belt & Shaft Alignment Trainer.  The new trainer features – black anodized aluminum construction, robust design, horizontal adjuster knobs, vertical adjuster knobs, auto slide base return, dual shaft brake knobs, dual movable shafts, sleeve and ball bearing training modes.  Simulates a real machine alignment, making the laser alignment training process fast, easy, and effective.


Easy Reliability: The Reliability Bonus of Accurate Laser Belt Alignment.

Easy Reliability: The Reliability Bonus of Accurate Laser Belt Alignment.
As explained in previous blogs the benefits of accurate machinery belt alignment are great. But in the quest for reliability there is a bonus associated with true and accurate belt alignment.
During my career as a vibration analyst for a large company and as a consultant, belt misalignment is a common condition and diagnosis for the source of vibration problems. If the belt alignment process is not a defined procedure. The scenario can go as follows:

Why Two Lasers Are Better Than One

When it comes to belt and sheave alignment, you could opt for single-laser alignment systems.

The problem? They don’t work – at least not very accurately or quickly.

The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool® features two cross-firing green lasers with GlowLine® targets. In a nutshell, you no longer have to waste time and energy switching targets and lasers – which means you can align your machines 75% faster than you could on single-laser systems. You face a slew of problems when a machine’s belts and sheaves are misaligned, ranging from premature belt failure, excessive vibration and noise, premature sheave wear and unequally stretched belts.

Industries That can benefit from the BAT

Businesses in any number of industries could benefit from using the B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool to solve their machinery’s alignment issues.

As long as your business deals with belt-driven equipment – whether you’re in the HVAC, energy, utility, food and beverage, and mining industries – the B.A.T. can help you get your machinery up and running smoothly and efficiently 75% faster than other alignment methods.


Correcting the Five Common Types of Misalignment

There are five main types of misalignment that can plague belts and sheaves on your equipment.
The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool’s patented dual, cross-firing lasers quickly and accurately identify each of them, saving you downtime on adjustments and saving your equipment from premature failure.

Seven Signs Your V-Belts and Sheaves are Misaligned

Misalignment is a major problem when it comes to premature wear and failure of your machines’ V-Belts and sheaves.
Regardless of the severity of the problem or the type – angular or parallel – misalignment will increase wear and fatigue on a belt – possibly destroying it within hours or days. To save yourself time and money down the road, look for these signs of misalignment:

Top Five Benefits of The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool®

The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool was created to simplify the process of correcting the alignment problems that belt-driven pieces of machinery are bound to face.

Here are the top five ways the B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool can make your life easier.

Tighten up your belt and pulley processes

Your equipment’s belts and pulleys are at the foundation of your business.

Making sure they’re working in proper alignment as part of your preventative maintenance procedures is a critical component of your company’s efficiency and success. The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool® allows you to easily identify problem spots and make adjustments to belts and pulleys, saving you time and preventing future problems. (more…)