Our Tool. Your Questions.

Get to know the B.A.T. inside and out.

Q) What type of batteries does the B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool® use? How long do they last?
A) The B.A.T. takes 2 AAA batteries per laser that last approximately 8 hours.

Q) How bright are the B.A.T. lasers?
A) The B.A.T. has two brilliant green line lasers that can be seen further than 30 feet.

Q) Do the offset targets come as part of the B.A.T. toolkit?
A) Yes. Our toolkit includes 3 GlowLine® Dual Magnetic Targets that are used for offset measurements, multi-pulley alignments, base flatness and other applications.

Q) What is the minimum pulley size my B.A.T. can affix to?
A) The B.A.T. is designed to fit on pulleys as small as 2-inches in diameter. The proprietary design of the B.A.T. provides for mounting on small pullies as well as mounting in tight spaces.

Q) Is there a warranty on the B.A.T.?
A) Yes. We offer a 5-year warranty on our product for quality and workmanship.

Q) Is the B.A.T. reparable?
A) Yes, the B.A.T. is completely reparable. In the event of damage from use, all components can be replaced.

Q) Can the B.A.T. be calibrated?
A) Yes, we recommend calibrating your B.A.T. annually.

Q) Are there any additional uses for the B.A.T. besides the standard belt alignment?
A) Yes! The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool® XF Lasers with GlowLine® targets are also useful in detecting common and not-so-common mechanical defects such as:
– bent pulleys or shafts
– eccentric pulley bores
– worn or cracked shaft or bore
– cocked or defective taper-locks
– loose bearings and fits
– motor base level
– motor base flatness
– machine soft foot

Q) What is the difference between the B.A.T. and other belt alignment tools on the market?
A) The B.A.T. System is easy to use, fast and accurate and is the most versatile belt alignment system available. The cross-firing XF B.A.T. laser configuration enables users to see the offset and angularity between both sheaves at the same time – proven to be more than 75% faster!

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